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Welcome to the Ladies of Insulation!

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Consider this your starting point to a community for the Ladies of Insulation!

Howdy, hello, bonjour, hola, and welcome! I am so happy you've ventured in! Grab a cup of coffee and snuggle up to a world that is built for us, by us.

My name is Chelsea DeGuzman and I have been in the insulation industry for almost 5 years now. I stumbled into the industry after finishing my MBA.

Chelsea Deguzman

I accidentally took an interview by a recruiter that was totally meant for someone else - a guy! Long story short, the interview went well and fate decided to bring me to insulation.

So what's this all about? Well my passion isn't just fiberglass or crawling into an attic - my passion is growing the female community in this industry!

Throughout this blog you'll find pieces that revolve around all things insulation. Whether you are a contractor, owner, installer, sales rep, manufacturer rep, or anything in-between, I hope you can find something of value or at the very least, something of relatability.

There will be topics that range from hiring, firing, maximizing sales, breaking down barriers, making your money work for you, and some that may just tug at your heart strings.

Feedback, comments, recommendations, and thoughts are all welcome. Around the website/blog you'll see places where you can share your journey, answer polls, and even leave feedback. Honesty and vulnerability are encouraged and the only ask is that we keep this a place where voices are heard - not silenced.

The excitement of knowing this is just the beginning and the Ladies of Insulation community is bound to grow has me thinking faster than I can type! Feel free to comment below and leave some thoughts, asks, or questions!

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